formerly Guangzhou Kangshi Electric Appliance Co., LTD. (established in September 2005), was established in October 2018. Located in Hongtu Industrial Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, we are mainly engaged in the production and sales of LCD TV sets, LCD monitors and related parts. For Guangzhou Panyu District excellent enterprises, caring enterprises, Dashihi Chamber of Commerce focus on supporting enterprises.


Development :


Founder in business

In the 1980s, the founder of the company became an early pioneer in the maintenance and sales of household appliances by virtue of the geographical advantages of his hometown along the coast


Establishment of factory

In September 2005, after years of technology and channel precipitation, Guangzhou Kangshi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was established, mainly producing and selling color TV sets and DVD players.


Performance Changhong

In 2015, the annual turnover of the company exceeded 200 million yuan, becoming an excellent enterprise of Panyu District and Dashi Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou.


CANLIPU was founded

In 2018, founded GUANGZHOU CANLIPU TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., extending its business to many countries around the world.


Looking ahead

Step by step, complete the capital accumulation, the future plan to have their own land and plant, expand the scale of production, create greater competitiveness, return to the society.



Business philosophy:

■ Reputation First

After 17 years, the company has always adhered to the basic principle of honest management, and created a good reputation in the industry


■ Service first

Provide professional services to global customers from the aspects of product planning, product delivery, after-sales processing, etc


■ Give back to society

Trust and treat employees well; Participate in all kinds of charitable activities, guide people to good, and realize the maximum value of the enterprise to the society


Future Planning


■  Strengthen the integration of excellent team, strengthen the company's research and development capacity, production capacity and quality control ability, and constantly expand their product advantages

■  At the same time, taking into account the standardized management and customization of products, to provide more diversified services for different market needs

■  Give full play to the factory's capacity of lean production, stimulate the maximum production efficiency of the factory, reduce production costs, expand production capacity, the future target to annual output of 500,000 units

■  The new production base was relocated to Shunde to lay a foundation for improving efficiency. At the same time, it maintains a good relationship with the government agencies of the industrial cities in the Bay Area to maintain the healthy development of enterprises and lay a policy foundation for the expansion of the later production base